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Adar Customers evaluate the value proposition of the Company: This will be one of the strong draws of diffusion through the social channels, the number of Tweets, likes, visits and links to the Web will define the success of advertising and social Business, so you will have sufficient data to assess if the value proposition of the Companies or not professional seo agency interesting for, on the one hand, to be a channel of dissemination of advertising for Advertisers, on the other, if this is the experience that the User wants to live and share. Allow Customers to purchase products and services: Are provided through the Web channels ways to get in touch with the Sales Service and the Commercial will be enabled and available to Clients. Will Provide Customers with a Value proposition Office a care service after-sales. The channels have five specific functions that we need this in our Business Model: Information, that is how we know the products and services of the Company. The channel is also important in order to Evaluate, respond to the question of how we help clients.

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The channel is the platform through which we Purchase, it to say, what channels, are the ones professional seo agency that we offer to the Customers to acquire our name. The Delivery, which functions of delivery of product to meet our channels and what we will use, and finally a function of after-Sales, what channel you're going to use as attention service post-sale. Then y Masters, the channels that we will use for each of them. In the definition of the channels we have identified the need for Channels, both Own and Direct, that is to say, a Commercial Team and a Website to make sales on the Internet as Partners, Indirect, other Web sites associated with us to support, and television channels from different types of sectors, online or not, with niches of content distribution that we can obtain an editing and production video quality. Although the Channels own direct we will report a series of monetary benefits tangible, you must take into account the cost of implementation and maintenance.

Partners Indirect report to the Business a smaller Margin of profit, however, to be able to increase the scope of action, and take advantage of the strong points in the production, distribution and dissemination, and basically will be local seo packages the ones that will really grow in the sector, and the income begin to be considered at the level of large benefits we would be then in the phase of Branded Content, selling our concept of Business to a company interested in advertising with no slogan, but linked with the public and its context. In this space we will discuss the different types of relationships that we set as a Company with our Market Segments. We have defined the type of relationship that we establish with each Segment of the Market, we have differentiated as personal and automated and are based essential mind in Customer acquisition, we substitute the Loyalty of sales by Believers users who recommend the product and Stimulation of sales.

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There are several categories of Customer relationships can co-exist in the relationship that the Company will continue with each one or two Segments of the Market. These relationships are specifically for: based on the Support staff Exclusive this option is you want to reach, namely that it is a company, a multinational Channel or buy the business model, and we dedicate to provide specific service to the Customer, basing our relationship on the option of advertising, as we have mentioned previously of the Branded Content, Storytelling and Co-creation. This relationship would be intimate, deeply and for a long period. Second, the relationship-based services automatic: it is based on maintaining a relationship sophisticated self-service with automated processes, through the options click here of purchase of the service by the Diners or request for participation in events on behalf of the Advertisers, in addition to the method of attracting new Diners within the Market Segments through the media, which will give our services for social networks and communication channels online.